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What women want has been a question which has plague the minds of men throughout the centuries. Ask any London escort and she will tell you that for every women, the answer is the same. All women want to feel appreciated. Often you’ll hear men throw out comments such as “she knows I love her, I tell her all the time.” Well guess what chaps, that’s not good enough! Knowing someone loves you and knowing that someone knows your worth and truly appreciates you are two completely different things. For example, you may have a relative that you love but yet, you might not appreciate their behaviours; or at least some of them. In that case, you would never tell. them that you appreciate them, and that would be the right thing not to do. 

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    Women like to feel Sexy

    Our London playmates often hear the stories of how men are unable to understand where they have been going wrong in their relationship. An escort-just as any other woman will tell you, what women want and need in order to know that their efforts aren’t going unrecognised is to be told- with words and actions how much they are appreciated and this includes sexually. Often, men tell escorts how much they are appreciated sexually and partners need that same reassurance too. Consequently, relationships can all too often face a breakdown when starts to decline. This is because intimacy breads closeness. So, imagine feeling that your closest of moments isn’t cherished. You would feel hurt. Taken for granted even.

    To all the gents out there; What women want need not be so hard to get right. Young escort Bleu will tell you that it’s not just one single thing that makes a girl happy. As all women want, escorts want respect. Take time out to do things together as a couple as opposed to jus as a family and with the kids. Be spontaneous. Book that romantic weekend away, and if commitments mean limitations, book a romantic night for you to be together alone. Without disturbances that is. 

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