What Makes Brunette Escorts Popular

What Makes Brunette Escorts Popular by Admin

As you can imagine, popular brunette escorts will tell you themselves what gentlemen have told them. Men prefer brunettes. In reality, this may not be the total truth as attraction is subjective and varies between cultures and so forth. However, society has seen the hype surrounding some of the most beautiful due to having been voted the most beautiful women, and it just so turns out that these lovely lasses are in fact brunettes.

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Megan 5 1 150x150 - What Makes Brunette Escorts Popular

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The fact is, we have seen first hand the ways in which our popular brunettes steel the show. These beautiful escorts receive multiple bookings from clients. Take a look at our beautiful escorts; Megan – a beautiful brunette located in Knightsbridge and Brie a stunning popular brunette escort located in Paddington, for example. These are just two of the beauties that you will find. Both these lovely escorts will assure you that being brunette has never worked against them and in fact, they are totally content with the belief that being a brunette escort has actually worked in their favour.

Beautiful Girls

If we take a look at the women who have been voted the as most beautiful, often brunettes are on the top of the list. The Sun newspaper also suggested that brunette girls are more beautiful. What it stated was that a study had found that of the 50 female icons rated as most beautiful  over the past 50 years, 33 were brunette girls. Our popular brunette escorts will be feeling assured when reading this!

However, what is it that makes brunettes the nations favourites. This may remain an unanswered question. Guys tend to say that they don’t particularly have a preference relating to hair colour. When we use the term ‘type’, we mean type as being a girl with particular attributes that guys themselves acknowledge they have a preference for. The good thing is that we have many different types of London escorts at our high end escorts agency. Take a look for yourself. Be it a short and petite brunette of a high class one, we aim to provide. No matter what your preference, visit our London Gallery of escorts and find what you are looking for.

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