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How to now when a prospective client is ok

Now, there are many things to be cautious about when seeing a new client, such as screening a prospective client. This process starts as soon as a client firsts makes the step towards making a booking with an escort. At this point, one needs to consider if  a client seems genuine. Of course he’s going to be a real man-unless of course he’s an adolescent boy. However, we also have more to consider. Things such as whether or he appears to want to make a booking. We tend to get a sense of this depending on whether or not he asks the right questions.

Experience tells me that for starters, if a guy starts the conversation with crude comments, he’s most likely be a time waster. Unfortunately, in this business we come across a lot of time wasters. I guess it’s to be expected really as it’s a lonely world out here. Indeed, the possible opportunity to speak to a liberal minded woman must be enticing, but really guys…. We as genuine professionals in town respect your time. Respect ours in return.

What is meant by Genuine

So, screening a prospective client comes down to checking him out. in other words, seeing if he is genuine. For example, a genuine client is a man who calls with the intention to book an escort. This does not have to be immediately either!  A genuine client comes without wanting to give her hassle. That hassle can mean anything from: trying to haggle with her about her price, to wanting to be a direct threat to her. Now, of course we have jumped from one extreme to the other here but neither type of client is welcome. Escorting is a vulnerable business, and there are a few rare occasions where an escort is put in harms way. The process of screening a prospective client is to help eliminate-or at least minimise this occurrence.

Genuine and sincere clients mostly understand this and are therefore very cooperative when it comes to assisting escorts and agencies to ensure the escorts safety.

Again, clients may think its ok to try to get “the best deal possible” when it comes to booking an escort but it can actually be quiet insulting. Negotiation when a client wants something a little out of the ordinary perhaps-ok! In this case an escort may not have advertised  her rates for this. However, in most cases an escort advertises her rates at a figure that she feels represents her service. London Escorts rates are set by the escort herself and reflect what she feels her time and service should be charged at, taking into consideration any fee she may have to pay on outgoings. So why a client feels it is their right to argue with this is beyond me!

Whats worse is that some clients bypass haggling the cost over the phone. Instead they wait until the escort shows up at their place or hotel: completely wasting the escorts time and taxi fare! The list goes on. That is why the process of screening a potential  client is of paramount importance. That is, as best as possibly doable, without being too intrusive to the client of course. 

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