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In the escort world we are fully away of the big debate clients have between choosing to book a new escort or an experienced escort. When we advertise escorts as new, the assumption is often that the escort who is new, is also new to the business, and this can be a great turn on for many of our gentlemen clients and for a number of reasons.  Many guys often believe that the newer the escort is, the bigger the chance that she will be keen to please and a younger escort too. In addition, many of the new escorts start off as cheaper escorts and increase their rates as they become more experienced. This effectively means that clients are getting a bit of a bargain in booking a newer escort. Who can knock a bargain hunter! However, when we state that a new girl has joined our team, we sometimes mean just that.

New Girl in Town

In other words, our “new”  escort may not necessarily be new to the game. She may in fact be an experienced escort who was working as an independent escort in London. Perhaps she wanted to join a high class escort agency so is new with us. In fact, this happens a lot. It is difficult for an escort to advertise her services as an independent companion. However, on a London escort agency it is a little easier. This is because a reputable escort agency will have established themselves for providing the best busty escorts say or party escorts and even as an escort for couples. The list goes on. The point is, if seeing a new escort excites you, great. However, we urge you to let us know why at the point of making your booking. Furthermore, let us know what it is you really seek.

By letting us know what it is about a new companion you most desire, we will be able to point you in the right direction. We understand that the term can be misleading and that is not our intention at all. Whether you are a regular client who wants a sexy openminded escort who is new with us or you seek a new girl to the adult entertainment world of escorting, we are here to help. The aim for us is to make you smile. A happy client is a returning client and our girls love a familiar face.

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Reputable Escort Agency by Admin

With so many beautiful escorts to choose from, it is hardly a surprise that it can sometimes be a daunting experience. That’s why many gentlemen chose to use a reputable escort agency. But how do you know which one to choose? There are simply so many out there and let’s be honest, many have the same girls on their sites so really, what’s the difference. Well, being a part of one of the best escort agencies in London, I can tell you for sure that there is a difference. Years of experience goes a long way in the business but it is not everything. You also need to be patient. As a client, we understand that what you need in a quality escort agency is an understanding that one size does not fit all. As they say- and rightly so, one mans food is another mans poison.

What makes a great Escort Agency

This means that we as a reputable escort agency need to take the time to get to know a little about you. We need to ask you all the right questions regarding what you need from your escort. Your likes and dislikes are what matters after all. We may have the best party girl escorts in the business but if you are wanting a sweet demure intellectual type of escort, you may prefer a girlfriend experience escort who you can chill, chat and simply get romantic with. Further more, you may want a combination of the two types of escort. Who could blame you for that after all. It’s not a big ask but that is the point here, it is often the case that if you don’t ask, you don’t get.

As a respected and dependable agency, we make it our business to understand just what it is you desire. There really isn’t too much or too little that you might want. Well within reason that is; of course! We are here 24hrs to provide the best experiences for all parties involved to enjoy. Take a look at our escorts available now in central London and around the West end. They offer incall and outcall services both days and late nights so you won’t come unstuck if its an unsociable hour and you want a little companionship. Be it a busty blonde or brunette escort, or a skinny petite young escort,  your needs can be met. The most important thing you do is be transparent about what it is you desire. Then we; as a reputable escort agency, can arrange that your needs are met.

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