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The reality is, guys are always on the look out for hot new London escorts, and that’s hardly a surprise given that both; London girls and London escorts really know there stuff. Specially when you get these girls behind closed doors. There are so many good things we could say about a London girl. Attitude is one of them. If you like a smart and savvy girl, look no further than at a London Lass. You’ll find he is sweet and sassy all in one. Furthermore, London girls have style in an abundance. They can be sexy as heck: wearing heels and a tight skin tight skirt or dress: perhaps rubber is your thing. Maybe you like a girl who is casual and calm?

Girls in London available for escort Services

Hey, if you like your girl in casual dress, not a problem. Many of our new London e willing to meet your needs and are keen to pamper to them! Whatever your desire, let us know. These saucy sweethearts are up for most things: barring out and out wrong doings gents’!! Hey, but please don’t let that stop you from expressing yourself. If you are unsure of which new hottie to choose from, please give us a call and we will happily advise. We have a team that are always about helping, You might just fancy a stroll in one of London’s beautiful parks. Well guess what, whether you fancy Larisa  – and who could blame you- for some fun and friendly companionship.

Perhaps you want to go for a real high class London escort. Here we have many. In fact, Let us show you a few other new London escorts available here today and tonight.

Nikki is an amazing young blonde who is energetic and enigmatic. Meet one of our best  sensational escorts in person for fun and games and you will know what we are talking about. Young, fun and ready to mingle! Escort Nikki Alter 1 - New London Escorts

Escort Caroline - New London Escorts

Hold on a minute! Let us please not forget this saucy sex pot. What a doll! She’s young and fresh. That’s right, she is one of our new London escorts, and she is ready to play. Or do you want to have a party escort or a GFE escort for a period of time,  give us a call and book today xoxo

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Young and Fun Escort by Admin

In the cold of the winters day and night, one might find themselves wondering what to do with their time. You know what we mean now don’t you? Well stop thinking, and get ringing for a young and fun party girl escort.  Get your spirits lifted, whether you just fancy a warm and affectionate companion to romance or a sweet and seductive escort. You will have plenty to choose from with us! Furthermore, our girls are available anytime. That means that instead of sitting on the couch, ogling at the young sexy honey’s, book one. Book one from the comfort of your own home. Have her visit you at yours too. It’s always nice to be in the company of a pretty companion and what better time to enjoy companionship than now? Our top class London escorts are upbeat and engaging as well as beautiful and professional. Check out our GFE escorts.

Our girls are not just about visiting you at your place. However, if that’s what you have in mind, of course they will happily accommodate you. They are also great companions if you want to go out and let your hair down. A young and fun escort makes  a superb party escorts too. This is because they love going out. You should see them work a room. These girls on the dance floor can move. Let us introduce you to a few of our new hot lovers of fun. These escorts are new here with us and are keen to show you all just what they have to offer.

Escort Kim 5 - Young and Fun Escort

Here is the kind of escort who is always fun and up for keeping the vibe alive. Whether you want a quiet night in or a party night out, this is your girl. The good thing about Kimmy too is that she is a fantastic host with a great apartment. Also, this lovely escort works late nights too.

Escort Adele 3 - Young and Fun Escort

Adele is a young and fun escort who is not afraid to show you her wild side. The beauty about young escorts is that they have banging bodies with curves in all the right places. She is also a fantastic couples escort. This means that they are uber confident and love to take centre stage so a lap dance is always on the cards!

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Alone in London by Admin

Escorts for Company

It is so easy to feel alone in London, and that’s what make our 24hr London escorts the popular choice. In the past it has been thought that the majority of clients who see escorts are married men on the older end of the age spectrum. They were thought to be men looking for the professional services of a younger woman. However, whilst this may be partially true, we here at Prestige London Escorts tend to find that clientele are in need of the services of a high end London escort because they simply get lonely from time to time. The fact is, loneliness isn’t ageist. Neither is it permanent. That is why escorts are a first choice when this unpleasant emotion kicks in. Rest assured that it is easy to not be alone in London. We have the widest selection of late night escorts too.

Take a Look at The Talent

Suzi 6 150x150 - Alone in LondonSUZIE

What a beauty this lovely escort is. If ever you are feeling alone in London, you can bet that won’t last in the company of this sexy minx. She’s a hot, young brunette escort who is always up for a party. She offers incall bookings in Marble Arch but also does outcall bookings throughout the night. Check out our all night escort Suzie by viewing her profile. In addition, feel free to call us for more information on what she offers.

Louisa N 7 150x150 - Alone in London


As you can see, we do not scrimp on beauty when it comes to our lovely escorts. Louisa is a hot young escort with boobs as great as her bottom. This high class busty escort is just what the doctor ordered if you are all alone in London. She offers a discrete, sexy service at the drop of a hat so look at escort Louisa in London closer and get to know what she’s all about. Her incall is in Shaftesbury avenue but again, this young petite escort offers outcalls around London.

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Young London Escorts by Admin

Young London escorts are not hard to find, however, seeing just any young escort is n’t what most clients require. For example, a client may want a young Russian escort, or a young blonde escort perhaps. The reality is that there are many different requirements that a man wants in a young companion to grab his attention and keep him interested in her. This is why it is important as a high class escort agency to try as much as possible to have a variety of girls. This way, there is always a little something for everyone.

So what makes young London escorts so popular you may ask. Ok, it is that their youth exudes a sense of joy and optimism and general contentment; all of which is highly attractive. After a hard day a work, a gentleman may crave the somewhat naivety in a companion. This is not necessarily because he wishes to take advantage of his young escort in anyway, quite the opposite in fact. It is often because he is in ore of the joys of youth.

Young London escorts are generally new to the business too. This means that they generally start off at a cheaper rate. You will often find that it is as an escort gets more mature and experienced, her price will gradually increase. So I guess the cost is also another reason why young London escorts are in such high demand. Either way, they are here to stay so gentlemen can rest assured that young companions are here to stay.

    Escort Lelita is a new edition to our team. She is a delightful young Russian escort who is guaranteed to please. She is beautiful, charming, very slim and very petite. Lelita is also a young natural breasted escort, with firm upright boobs. She has gone down very well with our clients indeed. With charm, beauty and a sophisticated sensual nature, who is surprised she’s been snatched up for bookings!

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    What Women Want by Admin

    What women want has been a question which has plague the minds of men throughout the centuries. Ask any London escort and she will tell you that for every women, the answer is the same. All women want to feel appreciated. Often you’ll hear men throw out comments such as “she knows I love her, I tell her all the time.” Well guess what chaps, that’s not good enough! Knowing someone loves you and knowing that someone knows your worth and truly appreciates you are two completely different things. For example, you may have a relative that you love but yet, you might not appreciate their behaviours; or at least some of them. In that case, you would never tell. them that you appreciate them, and that would be the right thing not to do. 

      • Bianca 7 490x817 - What Women Want
        5.00 out of 5

        Bianca £200/250 Marble Arch

      Women like to feel Sexy

      Our London playmates often hear the stories of how men are unable to understand where they have been going wrong in their relationship. An escort-just as any other woman will tell you, what women want and need in order to know that their efforts aren’t going unrecognised is to be told- with words and actions how much they are appreciated and this includes sexually. Often, men tell escorts how much they are appreciated sexually and partners need that same reassurance too. Consequently, relationships can all too often face a breakdown when starts to decline. This is because intimacy breads closeness. So, imagine feeling that your closest of moments isn’t cherished. You would feel hurt. Taken for granted even.

      To all the gents out there; What women want need not be so hard to get right. Young escort Bleu will tell you that it’s not just one single thing that makes a girl happy. As all women want, escorts want respect. Take time out to do things together as a couple as opposed to jus as a family and with the kids. Be spontaneous. Book that romantic weekend away, and if commitments mean limitations, book a romantic night for you to be together alone. Without disturbances that is. 

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