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High Class London Escorts

High Class Escorts – As busy and as packed with people as London can be, meeting someone in an intimate space can be difficult. Especially now with online dating being so readily available. Let’s face it though, how much patience does one need for all that? Online dating I mean. The idea of it wasn’t exactly calling out to me. Yet here I was ,over on business, very much alone and I fancied some company. A companion to come by to visit me at my Mayfair hotel. As it was I had just finished up with a meeting in the hotel bar and was finally starting to feel relaxed. I just wanted someone to unwind with. As luck would have it, a friend had previously passed on the number of a very highly recommended Escort Agency. Prestige in fact. Said he’d used it on his last visit to Mayfair.

I’d thought about using an Escort service a few times by now but I wasn’t sure if it was really me. I’m quite particular when it comes to what I like. I like a woman who can converse about almost anything. With both class and beauty. Oh and a bad sense of style is a real turn off for me. I’m not really the one night stand type of guy if you know what I mean. I generally know what I want and stick with it, for a while at least that is. However, few of my mates had seen High End Escorts in London.

Anyway, being the gentleman I am I’m not gonna go into the nitty gritty but after going back and forth with the idea I threw the towel in and went for it. And did I go for it? This girl was amazing. A High class girl and fantastic to look at. To think I nearly never…..

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