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Open-Minded London GFE Escort Marilyn

Everyone wants to be loved. So it’s easy to understand why as a client, I would want my escort to kiss me like you miss me, After all, it’s all about the thrill and fantasy. We want romance to seem as real as possible. Well that’s some of us. We want the chase, the game, the conquest. Furthermore, often we want a girlfriend experience escort. Remember, many of us as clients are single, as in we don’t have a significant other. The fact is that we all have different reasons for that but in many cases we would like it. That special someone. We all want that wifey experience. A woman that can make us fell loved and whole. Interestingly enough, that’s why many of us use escorts. People assume it’s in search of sex or intimacy or other freaky sorts of stuff, and hey, sometimes it is but in many cases it’s about companionship.

Lips Me Up

The truth is, what I desire the most in any woman is for her to kiss me like you miss me sort of thing. It’s not an expectation of course but it sure is a bonus. That alongside a big and genuine hug….. I mean what more can a man ask for! When you do get that top class escort who pays you that special attention, it’s absolutely priceless. The truth is, some of the younger ones don’t always understand the value in paying that special attention to the details but when they do……


The Special Escorts

Here are a few of my favourite girls, and yes they are late 20’s…


EscortKatherine 00 - Kiss me like you miss me

What a gem! Here you are looking at one of our best. Now her pics are great but in the flesh she’s a diamond. This girl gives the ultimate experience. She’s hot, attentive and if ever I want an escort to kiss me like you miss me….. She’s top gravy.


Escort Francis - Kiss me like you miss me


What can I say? I love this girl. She’s always right on time. If you are looking for guaranteed pleasure, with this one you have just won the jackpot. she’s gorgeous and will never be left disappointed.


Escort Ellie 11 - Kiss me like you miss me

Ellie is a babe. She’s calm, sensuous and absolute fun. Let her tantalise you with the best of….. what can a gentleman say? She gives a superb service. She is a pretty and curvy knockout and so so down to earth. further more, she can be a party escort with the rest of them but hey…..  if I want a kiss me like you miss me girl….

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