Blondes Have More Fun

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Blondes are more fun

It’s been the topic for years and even some of our blonde escorts have said they would never go back to being brunettes.  “Blondes have more fun’ is how the saying goes. However, is there any truth in this saying? Perhaps it’s just a thing the iconic Marilyn has made appealing. Appealing to the point that many blondes today want to hold on to the idea. Well, if you ask any of our blonde escorts if there is any truth in this, I’m sure they will say yes. These girls love to have fun and love to live life to the full. Anything less than feeling sexy and on top of their game is a no no. However, it’s hard to imagine any of our brunette escorts remaining as brunettes if they felt they were getting the raw end of the deal. For a top London escort, desirability is everything. 

Do blonde escorts make the best party escorts

So here’s the thing, studies have repeatedly shown that men don’t necessarily find blondes more attractive. However, in two particular studies by Swami and Seishin, the results suggested that men were more likely to approach blondes. However, the same woman that they were likely to chat up in a party as a blonde was regarded as being more beautiful as a brunette. Now, if these findings are anything to go off, one could safely to presume that blonde escorts are seen as more fun too. The fact is, we here haven’t noticed a difference with the amount of blondes to brunette escorts being booked for party bookings. This would be an indicator of who is considered as the most exciting and fun of the two. Party Escorts need to be fun and friendly and have an open mind. It’s essential for party girls.

On the whole, it’s really hard to measure if blondes have more fun than brunettes do. Fun means many things for different people. The truth is, you really need to be fun in order to have it. Our suggestion is that you book to find out. Why not book a blonde and a brunette together as a duo. Sky and her duo flatmate are fabulous together. See for yourself who is the most fun of the two.


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