Escorts for cuddles by Admin

This is probably no secret to most of our existing clientele, but for those of you who wouldn’t have thought so, we get many guys booking escorts for cuddles. Why is that you may wonder. Firstly, our London escorts are experts when it comes to accommodating a man’s needs, and the need can easily be for a giant hug. Secondly, escorts are sexy, hot babes, and what man do you know who’s sexual orientation is heterosexual that does not like getting up close to a sexy, hot woman? In fact, what man do you know who-regardless of sexual preferences, doesn’t want to get warm and tender GFE from a sexy, hot woman? Thirdly, everybody need a little love sometimes. Cuddling is just one of the ways that we interact as human beings to show affection. It can be totally platonic. Non invasive too, which is what makes it pure.

Hug Me Up Tight

With the current climate being the way it is, one might find themselves longing for engagement with an escort. We get it! Escorts for cuddles is far from a new phenomenon, nor has the popularity for this interaction increased. It’s just a real and genuine need that people have for our own sanity and well being. Alison Renner offers a list of the great benefits that cuddles offer due the chemical we release called oxytocin. I for one am in total agreeance. The minute i get a giant hug I’m a happy bunny. The part when she describes that walking into a crowd of people who you aren’t familiar with can make you feel totally different when greeted with a hug! That rings true for me. However, why go out to a party alone when you can easily have one of our best party escorts escort you to one.

You get the drift.  The overall point here is that, a girl friend experience escort is always a number one request, and how lovely is that? We can’t help the way of the world today but we can jolly well be one with nature and enjoy escorts for cuddles and have the perfect escort experience.

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Get a London Lady by Admin

London Lady Escorts

What do you do when you want to get with a high end escort in London town. Well you go on the net right!! But the net is literally full of everything and all sorts. So where do you start. Well that’s a jolly good question. Reviews!! What a good answer you may be telling yourself. Well not too fast. Finding a ‘brass’ as some would say in London is easy, but that’s only when you have a jolly good idea  of what it is you want. You can look at reviews.Ok! However, you’ll be wise in knowing that happy and satisfied are sometimes reluctant when it comes to putting up reviews as they are often fearful that their identities will be revealed. Of course, this couldn’t be further from the truth but the reality is that this is the general perception. Therefore, when it comes to relying on reviews, you can’t always.

Escorts in the City

So, back to getting an escort in London town. Well the good news is that you are in luck with regards to landing yourself at the doorstep of our London escorts agency. We have so many treats for you so brace yourself, kick back, and enjoy the ride. Look at our top girls. Recent recruit is Top London escort Diaz for example.  Also, let’s not forget saucy escort Tanya. What a treat she is! To be honest we have loads of hot London chics who offer extra escort services too. What’s more, escorts are available 24hrs daily, so you never nee to be alone. Isn’t that the beauty of a London Lass. Always in London and available late nights too! All you have to do my fine fella is pick up the phone and book.

Put a smile on every ones face and get the ball rolling. Get an escort in London town to come over to you, or otherwise, you get over to her incall flat in London.

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Memories of Marylebone by Admin

Escorts working in Marylebone

Great Marylebone clients make for a great Marylebone escort. My memories of Marylebone are that I was always working, but that’s probably because it didn’t feel like work for me.  Well, not in the strictest sense at least. As a young escort working in Marylebone in the 90’s, you were always in the heart of everything. Marylebone was buzzing. We were making tons of money and we were having a lot of fun with it. Clients were polite and the experience was personal. We were literally hand picked in the flesh. That’s to say, the guys would come in and they would meet us and book us. Then we would go off on an outcall with clients. Regulars would call the office too. At times, if we wasn’t in the office, clients would choose their Marylebone escorts from an old fashioned genuine photograph and book us in advance. We always felt looked after. The boys from the local restaurants would bring us food-often for free and it was a feeling of togetherness.

Whats nice is that the memories of Marylebone that I have are here to stay and are in many ways things have stayed the same. However, with the advance of technology, the journey isn’t as personal. Also, many people pose as clients and call and make phoney bookings. This rarely happened back then. Things have changed but the memories of Marylebone as an escort will always remain. One thing for sure is that the quality of Marylebone escorts hasn’t taken a dive. Don’t forget to look at the Baker Street Escorts too! Here at Prestige London Escorts, the girls really couldn’t be lovelier. Take a look at the 24hr London escorts page too as you may find that there are a few top quality companions who would happily come to you for an outcall in Marylebone, even if they themselves aren’t located there.

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Working for a Prestige London Escort Agency by Admin

A Prestige London Escort Agency

Now we all love to know there’s gonna be a good Prestigious London Escort we can book through an Agency we can trust when we are in need don’t we? One whereby, the girls who are advertising themselves on the site are actually all about what the tin says; if you catch my drift. Gone are the days when you could take a wander down a back road to a discretely located agency. There were even quite a few main roads in central that house discretely situated agencies as I recall. There we would have the option to chose one of the courtesans who were available there and then in the office. Alternatively you’d have been presented with a catalogue of pictures of alternative dates to choose from. It was a fun and exciting time. Free from photoshopped pictures and moody girls. Happy days!

What To Expect From The Escorting World Now?

Now, by no means are we saying that you can’t find a good Prestige West End Escort Agency here in London today. What I am saying though is that with many of the agencies you find on the net, they just aren’t the real deal. It’s such a shame but true. The standard of high class escorts seems to be a measure of cost which is but a minuscule of what sums up high class-if at all. The photoshopping of pictures is another pitfall. Of course, this isn’t all on the agencies but they do need to be accountable and take responsibility please!!

The meaning of Prestige

A genuine Prestige London Escort Agency- as we as with Prestige London Escorts, have a duty. That duty is to existing and prospective clients by means of ensuring satisfaction guaranteed. At least to the best of their ability that is. So to advertise a girl as high class would mean ensuring she is high class. Not a moody courtesan with poor dress sense and bad hygiene. Yes we understand that escorts pretty much work as independent escorts but thats besides the point. The point is that for the faith of clients to return to the trustworthiness of Escort Agencies, it is a must for agencies to be honourable and stick to there word.

For agency girls you can count on to give a genuine experience, always choose Prestige London Escorts.

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