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So it’s raining!!! But that doesn’t mean it has to be a miserable evening in feeling sorry for ones self because you can’t go out to play. No!! Gone are the days when getting wet in the rain was an unpleasant experience. I mean….. who needs a raincoat! Actually, I can think of a few good reasons why one might want a long sexy rain mac though! Ask any one of our top London escorts to confirm that for you!! In fact, any naughty and  openminded experimental escort will give you a running commentary on just how much fun getting wet- in and out of a wet coat can be.  There’s nothing like a fun and sexy naughty role play London escort to indulge you on how much fun and games one can play when it gets all wet and gushy. Let’s kiss and tell…..

Stories of a London Escort

Escort Faye 150x150 - Long Sexy Rain Mac

So it was wet and windy outside but I- Faye was getting hot and steamy inside. I needed some release. The thing was, today I was flying solo and wanted to engage some. I thought I’d step outside onto the Streets of London. What would I wear? I really didn’t want to wear panties at all. I wanted to feel the gush of the wind all over my body. From top to bottom. I didn’t want to suffocate myself with clothing. The fact is, it’s hardly the substitute for the warm touch on the body from another sensual being. I could put on a long sexy rain mac I thought! 

Being an escort in Kensington, I needed to be mindful of the passers by if I was about to go out on the prowl. Was that what I really had in mind? On the prowl for what? How much sexy action can a London escort want in one day? I had lost count of the many times I had cum already!! As I looked at myself in the mirror on the wall, I truly felt like the fairest  of them all. I knew what was lurking underneath my long, sexy rain mac. It was the best thing money could buy and tonight I felt worth a million dollars. Now all I had to do was put my moves into action…… 

The rest I’ll tell when I have a little availability….. xoxo


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