Escorts and Safe Sex

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Are Escorts Safe To Use?

Are Escorts Safe To Use? We know what is meant by this and also understand the implications in the question. There are many different terms used to describe Escorts and many perceptions of what an escorts role actually is. Let’s go on to discuss Escorts and safety issues, with reference to riskier sexual practice regarding STDs. Why do people continue to ask, “Are Escorts are safe to use?”.  It’s fair to say that sex is the new past time topic for the 21st century. The media is full of articles and images luring us in to read further on instructions of how to be sexier and have a more satisfying experience in bed. It’s no wonder why Escorts are at the forefront of our minds. Media platforms seem to encourage and reward-predominantly younger women and girls who submit pornographic images of themselves online. London Escorts simply elude an air of mystery.

What Studies Show about STDs

Now, no judgement meant and this is not the topic for today. Pornographic images in themselves can be artistic and have a rightful and worthy place. Many High Class Escorts use pornographic imagery to lure potential clientele. We are more interested in exploring the speculative assumptions that too often come up. Take the question “Are Escorts Safe To Use? “. Study’s repeatedly show that the youngsters are having less sex. Many reasons have been proposed for this but in contrast, society is an increase of transmitted STDs. In October 2019 an article was published by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showing research that confirmed that STD’s in the US were at an all time high. Again, many reasons were put forward including the vulnerable groups who made up those statistics however, Escorts wasn’t one of them.  Which begs the question-why the question “Are Escorts Safe To Use?”

Why Point the Finger at Escorts?

If more sex is happening and STDs are increasing, it would seem although people aren’t taking their sexual health seriously. So again, why beg the question “Are Escorts Safe To Use/”. So no one is saying that Escort dating automatically leads to sex of any kind. As we know better than to think that! Nonetheless, it makes sense to assume then  that exposure to the dating scene will lead to more opportunity in itself for intimacy. In fact, important to remember however is that intimacy doesn’t equal complacency. Furthermore, a courtesan who takes their profession seriously will be cautious with regards to their sexual health. It is true that many Escorts do conduct their daily affairs in their own individual way and have differentiating practices; just like the everyday layman. On the whole however, ask an Escort, she’ll tell you herself. caution is key.

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