Black Escorts in London

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Black Escort in London – I’m not the kind of bloke that likes to impose himself on a woman. Call me shy if you will lol. If I’m really honest, I’ve got a bit of a thing for Black Girls. The unfortunate thing is that on top of me being a bit backwards in coming forward, I’m rarely met with the opportunity of meeting Black women. The part of town where I live is not as multicultural than London.  Yet here in London its a completely different ball game. So a few weeks ago I decided to bite the bullet and order myself a Sexy Black Escort to come and visit me at my Mayfair London hotel.

This wasn’t the first time I had seen an Escort. Neither was it the first time I had had the pleasure of having intimate time with a black girl. It was however the first tie that I had ordered a high end Black Escort. As luck would have it, a friend had previously passed on the number of a very highly recommended Escort Agency. Prestige it was. Said he’d used it on his last visit to Mayfair.

I’d thought about using an Escort service for a Black Escort before but never really found what I was looking for up until this point. I’m quite particular when it comes to what I like. I like a woman who can converse about almost anything. With both class and beauty. Oh and a bad sense of style is a real turn off for me. Silky skin and sexy eyes. A dark skinned Black Woman or a light skinned Black Woman. That’s unimportant to me.

Anyway, being the gentleman I am I’m not gonna go into the nitty gritty but after going back and forth with the idea, I threw in the towel and went for it. And did I go for it? This girl was amazing. A great kisser too! High class and fantastic to look at. To think I nearly never…..

Black Escort in London


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